International cuisines that satisfy your taste buds

Al Majaz Waterfront is a self-contained attraction that provides visitors with everything they need to enjoy a memorable visit with their family and friends. In addition to recreation, Al Majaz Waterfront offers a variety of fine restaurants and cafés that cater to everyone. Enjoy an exquisite dining experience in a vibrant atmosphere, featuring elegant interiors and breathtaking views overlooking the clear blue waters. Al Majaz Waterfront offers an array of international specialities and scrumptious dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and served with a modern twist. Enjoy authentic Emirati cuisine along with traditional Italian, Turkish and Moroccan specialities with rich mouth-watering Lebanese and Levantine flavours.
Kiosks and cafés welcome you in every corner of this incredible destination. Your little ones can choose from the many flavours of refreshing Italian gelato or Turkish ice cream. You’ll also have a choice of freshly squeezed juices, delicious cakes, doughnuts and healthy snacks. Unwind while enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee and soaking up the distinctive tranquil atmosphere overlooking the magnificent views of Al Majaz Waterfront.

<p><strong>Al Rawi bookstore cafe is a unique cultural concept now open at Al Majaz Water Front</strong><br />
													Al Rawi, which means the 'Storyteller', reflects the fusion of past and present, combing distinctive modern elements with Sharjah's rich culture.</p>
													<span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Saturday - Thursday 8:00am To 01:00am 
													<br/> Friday 4:00pm To 1:00am</span>
													<br/><br/>  <span>Location : A4</span>
													<br/>  <span>Phone : 06 5641806</span>

Al Rawi

Location : A4 | Phone : 06 5641806
<p><strong>The Grand Ice Cream Adventure</strong><br />
													Home-grown UAE franchise, Jelly Belly Ice Cream is now open at Al Majaz Waterfront. Jelly Belly Ice Cream is crafted with genuine love and finest ingredients to create every single one of the 50 gourmet ice cream and sorbet flavors, such as carrot cake, birthday cake, toasted marshmallow, very cherry, and more. Alongside you can enjoy original creations, signature toppings and home-made bakery items.</p>

Jelly Belly

													Everybody loves a good European confectionary – a delectable and rich indulgence that satisfies any sweet tooth. For us at Molten Chocolate Café, we aim to make the mark of Molten Chocolate here in the United Arab Emirates with our irresistible Central European and American flavours of chocolate.<br /><br />
													From French crepes to Belgian pastries and waffles, Molten Chocolate’s unique menu is a heaven for chocolate lovers and dessert junkies to cure their cravings for all things chocolate, a cocoa experience they will remember.</p>

Molten Chocolate Café

													Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe, the first and only restaurant to offer authentic and traditional Emirati cuisine in the Emirates. Experience a complete mesmerizing sensation of Emirati traditions, authentic Emirati cuisine and Middle Eastern hospitality, in the ambience of Dubai recreated from the 1960's</p><span><strong>Working Hours:</strong> <br/>Daily 7:00pm-12:00am</span>
													<br/><br/><span>Location : C</span>
													<br/><span>Phone : 06 5599744</span>
													<br/><span>Mobile : 054 3056736</span>

Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe

Location : C | Phone : 065599744 | Mobile : 0543056736
<p>Sutis offers a distinguished restaurant experience where traditional recipes of Istanbul cuisine are revived with an exceptional standard of service at modern and elegant settings.</p>
                                        <span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Sun - Wed 8:00am To 12:00 midnight<br/>Thurs - Sat 8:00am To 1:00am</span>
                                        <br/><br/><span>Location: B6</span>
                                        <br/><span>Phone : 06 5521114</span>

Emirgan Sutis

Location: B6 || Phone : 06 5521114
<p>Zaroob Restaurant is famous for its eastern Mediterranean food. Zaroob means alley which amazingly captures the street food of the past with a modern touch. It is the ideal place to nourish the spirit and satisfy one’s appetite with delicious food.</p>
		<br/> <span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Daily 7:am To 11:00pm</span>
		<br/><br/><span>Phone: 800 927662</span>


Phone : 800 927662
                                  <p>For pizza lovers there is no better place! Using only the freshest ingredients and authentic cooking, Pizzaro prides itself on serving up some of the best pizzas, pastas and delicious Italian specialties.</p>
            <br/><span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Sun-Wed 12:00pm-1:30am <br>Thurs-Sat 12:00pm-1:00 am</span>
			<br/><br/><span>Location: B1</span>
			<br/><span>Phone: 06 5521122</span>


Location: B1 | Phone: 06 5521122
                                  <p>Famous the world over for serving up fun and food for the whole family, enjoy American classics and a welcoming atmosphere at a place where every day feels like a Friday.</p>
								<strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Sat - Wed 12:00pm To 1:00am <br/>
								Thurs 12:00pm To 2:00am <br/>
								Fri 1:30pm To 2:00am
                            <br/><br/><span>Location: B2</span>
                            <br/><span>Phone: 06 5521104</span>
							<br/><span>Mobile: 055 1483080</span>

TGI Fridays

Location: B2 | Phone: 06 5521104 | Mobile: 055 1483080
                                  <p>An authentic taste of Lebanon awaits in this home-style restaurant, inspired by the landscapes of the Levant combined with the warmth of Middle eastern hospitality.</p>
                            <br/><span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Sat - Thurs 8:00am To 12:00 midnight<br />Fri 9:00pm To 1:00am</span>
                            <br/><br/><span>Location: B7</span>
                            <br/><span>Phone : 06 5521144 </span>
                            <br/><span>Mobile : 0562056807 </span>

Zahr El Laymoun

Location: B7 | Phone: 06 5521144 | Mobile: 0562056807
<p>After a 13 year legacy at the heart of Souk Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, Ushna has branched out to the newly unveiled Al Majaz Waterfront development to bring to Sharjah a fresh take on the classical Indian cuisine that everyone has come to know and love. Ushna Maza, with its waterfront terrace casual dining set up, is the perfect place to sample the flavours of india for lunch, dinner, takeout or even catering. </p>
				<br/> <span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Sat - Wed 12:00pm To 12:00 midnight<br/>Thurs - Fri  12:00pm To 1:00am</span>
                <br/><br/><span>Location: C6</span>
                <br/><span>Phone : 06 5597766</span>


Location: C6 | Phone : 06 5597766
						<br/><span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/>Sat - Wed 12:00pm To 12:00 midnight<br/>Thurs - Fri  12:00pm To 1:00am</span>
                        <br/><br/><span>Location: C</span>
                        <br/><span>Phone : 06 5522200</span>


Location: C | Phone : 06 5522200
<p>This chic décor prides itself on its eclectic décor and menu making it the perfect all day dining spot. Exciting dishes, delicious cakes and artisan chocolates ensure a superb and delectable experience.</p>
				<br/><span>Working Hours :<br/> Daily 7:00pm-1:00am</span>
				<br/><span>Location: B4</span>
                <br/><span>Phone : 06 5747574</span>

Shakespeare & Co

Location: B4 | Phone : 06 5747574
<p>illy Caffè are living spaces to discover, relax, socialize and meet friends. The coffee here is the protagonist and meets the great Italian café tradition, in a warm and innovative environment, evoking an experience of taste, style and excellence. illy Caffè offers a complete F&B assortment for all moments of the day, from breakfast to lunchtime until evening aperitif and light dinner and the brunch during the weekend.</p>
        <br/><span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Sat–Wed: 9:00 am–12:00 am <br>Thurs–Friday: 9:00 pm–1:00 am</span>
        <br/><br/><span>Location: C4</span>
        <br/><span>Phone: 06 5597766</span>

illy café

Location: C4 | Phone: 06 5597766
<p>Taste the magic of authentic Italian gelato with Amorino Gelato Cafe. Famous for their rose-shaped gelato cones, Amorino prides itself for gelato made out of 100% natural ingredients without any preservatives nor artificial flavourings or colourings.</p>
		<br/><span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Daily Sun - Wed 10:00am To 11:00 pm<br/>Thurs - Sat 10:00am To 12:00 midnight</span>
        <br/><br/><span>Location : C</span>
        <br/><span>Phone : 06 5531062</span>

Amorino Gelato Cafe

Location : C | Phone : 06 5531062
                                    There is nothing quite like good coffee made using the finest beans from around the world, coupled with fresh sandwiches, sweet treats and inviting interiors. Caribou Coffee is an ideal place to relax, unwind and enjoy.</p>
									<br/><span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Sun - Wed 7:30am To 12:00 midnight<br/>Thurs - Sat 7:30am To 1:00am</span>
                                    <br/><br/><span>Location: B8</span>
									<br/><span>Phone : 06 5521587</span>

Caribou Coffee

Location: B8 | Phone : 06 5521587
                                    With more than 52 varieties of donuts as well as an array of bagels, sandwiches and baked good, this ‘Everyday Coffee Shop’ has something for everyone. Whether you want a quick snack, treat or a place to get together with friends, Dunkin Donuts is your place.</p>
									<br/><span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Sat–Wed: 6:00 am–1:00 am <br>Thurs–Friday: 6:00 am–2:00 am</span>
                                    <br/><br/><span>Phone: 06 5521641</span>
                                    <br/><span>Location: A</span>

Dunkin Donuts

Location: A | Phone: 06 5521641
                                  <p>For the ultimate ice-cream indulgence look no further than Cold Stone. Pick and choose your favourite  lavor, topping and filling and watch it being made up on the signature frozen granite stone. Ice-cream cakes, shakes and smoothies will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth!</p>
							<br/><span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Daily 24 Hours</span>
							<br/><br/><span>Location: B5</span>

Cold Stone

Location: B5

                                                    <br/><span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Sun - Wed 2:00pm To 12:00 midnight<br/>Thurs - Sat  2:00pm To 1:00am</span>
                                                    <br/><br/><span>Mobile: 050 6961877</span>
                                                    <br/><span>Location: K-6</span>


Location: K-6 | Mobile: 050 6961877
<p>One of Canada’s finest coffee shops serves up fresh coffee, delicious food, great value and exceptional service 24 hours a day! Take a moment to savour premium beverages including fresh brewed tea and coffee, flavoured cappuccino creations, home-style soups, sandwiches, wraps and freshly baked pastries.</p>
							<br/><span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Daily 24 Hours</span>
							<br/><br/><span>Location: B5</span>
							<br/><span>Mobile: 055 2136309</span>

Tim Hortons

Location: B5 | Mobile: 055 2136309
                                  <p>If you are looking for fresh, light and healthy snacks such as sweet corn, exotic fruit and nutritious vegetables, all this can be found at Daily Fresh.</p>
							<br/><span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Sat - Wed 4:00pm To 12:00 midnight<br/>Thurs - Fri 4:00pm To 1:00am</span>
                            <br/><br/><span>Location: K</span>

Daily Fresh

Location: K
<p>Packed full of nature’s bounty and brimming with healthy nutrients, these absolutely np added sugar juices and fresh fruit salads are the perfect guilt-free treat, guaranteed to refresh like nothing else on a hot sunny day.</p>
		<br/><span><strong>Working Hours:</strong><br/> Sat - Wed 12:00pm To 12:00 midnight<br/>Thurs - Fri  12:00pm To 1:00am</span>
        <br/><br/><span>Location: K-5</span>
        <br/><span>Mobile: 056 5243215</span>

Fruit Gang

Location: K-5 | Mobile: 056 5243215